Concept and drammaturgy
Gianni Farina, Consuelo Battiston, Bertrand Sinapi, Amandine Truffy

Consuelo Battiston, Amandine Truffy

Gianni Farina, Bertrand Sinapi

A co-production
Pardès rimonim / Menoventi / E-production / Theatre Ici&Là

with partnership of region Lorreine inside European artistic exchange promoted by company Pardès Rimonim

with partnership of CENTQUATRE-PARIS

Survivre was presented as a first study in Ravenna and at Santarcangelo 14 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza. The project has seen a further development during an artist residency in Metz and at Théâtre Ici&Là in Mancieulles, wich hosted the debut in spring 2015. Afterwards Ravenna Viso in Aria Festival hosted a Vigil which brought together the two stages of this process.

The project is to create a performance series that superimpose theme of survival to the form of copy.

Survivre is about choosing the copy as a formal response to current demand of incessant invention.
Faced with the impossibility of inventing new forms endlessy, the copy of what others have done before helps revitalizing a sense and returns it to us. The work explores some fundamental elements the belong to the world of art: authorship, authenticity, creativity, intellectual property, signature.
The idea of survival evolves starting from external material – such as a movie extract – with its own aesthetic and grammar, that is translated into new form. This process at once creates a brand new creation and represents artists’ view on other people’s work and world.