Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

concept Gianni Farina e Consuelo Battiston
director Gianni Farina

with Consuelo Battiston, Federica Garavaglia, Giulia Pizzimenti, Sofia Taglioni

stylist Giovanni Del Pol
set design Alessandro Panzavolta
original music and sounds Mirto Baliani
athletic trainer Sonia Brunelli
light design Alessandro Panzavolta e Gianni Farina
assistant director Neera Pieri

organization Stefania Carolina De Leo
Press office Silvia Pacciarini
Scenes were builded by Gioacchino Gramolini in the laboratory of Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

thanks to Menoventi, E-production, Museo Carlo Zauli, TESCO Associazione and all the participants to the workshop IL CITTADINO MODELLO.

In 1925 Otto Dix portrayed the enigmatic dancer Anita Berber. Her figure looks arrogant but terrified at the same time, like a grotesque femme fatale with disguised face injured by the ravages of time.
The fair and determined facade of this dancer, actress, model, prostitute and poet appears to hide a opaque and furious depth.
Anita Berber was 26 years old when she modeled for Dix, but the painted woman is in her fifties.
Who wouldn’t think of Dorian Gray?

Trust your eyes comes from the desire to transpose this picture into a performance.
We closely observe it and imagine the parable of a woman aware of the power of her image.
In the precise moment when she suddenly realizes to have lost her charm, Anita starts a tormented life trying to hide her personal decadence.
The unnatural shape of his body seems to struggle and resist against the chromatic siege that surronds her figure, but dress, hair and mouth have been already invaded by vermilion red.
The irresistible aesthetic machine generated by the XX century as colonized her existence.
We spy her in pose, probably planning a strategy for not to lose her seductive power.
We can nearly hear her whispering ad idea, talking about new labour force and social prestige; maybe she wants to stop being a luxury and erotic good, and start to produce new signs, fetiches, to sell new identities.
This is the genesis of a new Brand.