Postcards to Rome


Concept Gianni Farina and Consuelo Battiston
Direction Gianni Farina
With Consuelo Battiston
Sound design Mirto Baliani
Set design Laura Bulzaga
Interviewers Beatrice Buzi e
Ludovico Orsini Baroni
Voice over Luigi Dadina
Organization Neera Pieri
Photos Beatrice Buzi

A co-production E-production / Teatri di Vetro / Menoventi

Turn your back on the fountain.
Close your eyes.
Put your right hand on your left shoulder.
Throw the dime.
Perfect, now your return to Rome is guaranteed.

Between September and October 2015, foreign tourists in Rome have been bothered by a moltitude of questionnaires and interviews. The collected material has been selected and put together in order to return the impression that the city and its inhabitants have left on the visitors.
Listen to the voice of the tourists who shared their time and money with Romans, listen to a concert of postards from Rome to Rome, listen to the sound board that bears witness to the vocation of the city to tourism, and the anthropological mutation that exhumed coachmen, saints and centurions.

Postcards to Rome is the first episode of LISTEN!, a performance series dedicated to italian cities.
For every study a research group investigates one or more main themes, with questionnaires and interviews designed in collaboration with sociologists or other figures.
The collected materials – a compendium of aphorisms, advertisings and anathemas – create a voice that amplifies the point of view of a representative category of people in the host city.
The material undergoes a voluntary transformation , through dramatic composition, work on the performer’s body and voice, and sound processing.
This first effort generates also an involutary transformation: the company unknowingly activate filters that lead to a return of their subjective perspective, outside the community; a perspective generated outside the processes taking place within the polis.
Amplification always includes distortion of the object; the voice of the citizens – after this alchemical process – finally speaks another language, that possess another timbre, another tone, another intensity induced by unpredictable drifts of artistic composition.