Dé-livrance is the performative component of a project build as a diptych, including this short performative play and a drama (“Hamlet ou la fête pendant la peste”), both linked by the same aim: the questions of power, action or absence of action.

The project aroused from a series of research residences in Bruxelles (Belgium), Ravenna (Italy), Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) from January to July 2011, were the company organized artistic workshops with invited artists.

During each workshops, Pardes Rimonim has invited artists from the cities where the company had settled for a couple of weeks. Each time, the artistic cooperation led to the creation of short artistic forms, offered live to the audience as the result of the workshop. Pardes Rimonim believes in the artistic benefits of such approach, by opening creativity to new territories, promoting art cooperation and developing working space founded in research and experiment.

The project embodies the questions Pardes Rimonim aims at addressing: how can artists
endorse a role in the city, how can they contribute to the collective thought?

At the end of the perfomrance:
presentation of “Numèro 0/1 Discorso Pubblico”
a review curated togheter by Fanny & Alexander and Pardès Rimonim
with Pardès Rimonim and Fanny & Alexander