Stefano De Ponti

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CDr – 5 € / ed. lim. 50 copie

Like Lamps on by Day
is the new album by Stefano De Ponti, an artist which we already know for
its two previous solist works L’uomo della sabbia and Ancient Tears, and for its experiences within
the projects Passo Uno and me and the white lash.

Like Lamps on by Day comes to light between 2010 and 2012, when Stefano intensify its activity
as a stage musician reinforcing its collaborations with certain theatre companies (Compagnia -10,
Compagnia NUT, Riserva Canini, Compagnia Bandini/Ferri).
In this album Stefano summarizes his sound experiences for the theatre: the heap of more then
ten hours of impros were selected, processed and reduced to 25 minutes divided into seven
different pieces. This kind of procedure brought to light aspects and connections which were left
unexplored; the result is a work characterized by a specific artistic identity that put the accent on
the connection between pure research and poetic urgence, which have always been the base of its
path. In this way Stefano creates rarefied sound landscapes, engaging the listener in a cocoon-like
fleeting standstill, touching the inner chords of human ears and body. No more words are needed
to describe it, half an hour is enough to fall in love with it…

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