Rete Critica award

Menoventi wins Rete Critica, the award assigned by the information and theatre rewiwer’s websites

Saturday, november 26th, during the radio show Piazza Verdi on Radio 3, took place the final stage of Rete Critica award, given to Menoventi.

The Rete Critica award was articulated in four stages, each one proof on the website

Motivations – Menoventi
Keep testing its own theatrical language, without choosing the easyest way; renewing work by work the sense of the performer work, demolishing the categories of research and traditon, exploring the issues of the “character” and of the “theatrical work”.
Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina and Alessandro Miele make a theatre that not allows the spectator to forget its own position of participant, without fall in simple emotional traps.

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