Marco Smacchia


By Alessandro Miele, Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina
With Consuelo Battiston, Alessandro Miele, Gianni Farina
Lighting Filippo Marocchi, Fabio Tomaselli
Scenes Attilio Del Pico e Daniele Cimadoro
Director Gianni Farina

Production Menoventi – Es.terni

We choose to go on the scene with a new play.
And you? What risk are you willing to take?
Everyone will get what is willing to lose.
We ask for your utmost commitment, we ask you to be true as gold, to put your heart and soul. And the ticket, of course.

Are you still reading?
Then you took your decision already…compliments! Excellent choice, the performance has started.
Long live to free-will!
Do you keep reading?
You are in our hands, already.
Do not worry, continue to live peacefully your daily battle, like
colui che del colpo non accorto, andava combattendo ed era morto.

See you later.

POSTILLA is a play for one single person at a time. You are welcomed in a small room, a tiny office where a man is working and asks you to make a choice.
Here starts the journey in a private hell, a trip reflecting on the mis-en-scene and the theatrical performance as infernal art that surrounds us with no respite from it.
Will we be getting our identity back at the end?
Matteo Antonaci