In festa

By Alessandro Miele, Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina
With Consuelo Battiston, Alessandro Miele
Director Gianni Farina

Produced by Menoventi

Some endless nights,
a glance across the street
at the lighted window
where others are living,
and the benumbed feeling
of missing out on something


Something misses.
What is it? I don’t know exactly, but being aware of it is already something. Isn’t it?
This party is an extreme attempt to fill a gap; it is a research of an evergreen traffic light; it is the suppression of an inexpressible dislike.
This party is strong as a shake of hands, but here a doubt arises: why?
A cynic Traffic light hangs over the stage and the Ring bell as gentle as always tremendously in time keeps the order of a domestic space. Beautiful colored gifts and cards from friends are warmly welcomed in the house. However, nobody comes to the party. Or, better, essential parts of bodies come over: an hand to shake, a cheek to kiss, a chest to hug. Anyway, the party goes on: a ritual joke is told, a tower of biscuits is served, and a number of “innocent” plates are destroyed.
And, suddenly, unexpected thoughts, doubts, and memories emerge from the shadow.

But you are not aware,
You just say:
I open my eyes and I see what there is

We started to work in this project in August 2004. Our aim was to explore a vague feeling of dislike. We know we shared it, even if we couldn’t define it. So we approached our work with a sense of confusion and indeterminacy. We decide to work on the concept of emptiness and, since we did not have any clear idea, we looked for strong symbols and exemplifications. In this way, more determinate elements took shape: the impression to be under an external control, the will to break out our relations with the artificial environment constrains we are tied up to, the need of silence, deepness, inaction, and amorality as an obligatory point of passage to perceive the hidden shadow of reality.
This is never stated explicitly. However, you may feel it immediately looking at the ridiculous personages of the story. The setting is very familiar: there is a couple in a domestic environment waiting for friends who never come. The situation is comic, but it is also dramatic. In fact, It seems like that the warm sense of familiarity of the personages is produced by a cold, a very cold fire. At – 20°