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What do we mean by “E”?

E” (and), among every junctions, is the simplest.
Generally it indicates the addiction of a concept, an image, a thought, a name or an adjective to another one.

ErosAntEros Fanny & Alexander gruppo nanou E Menoventi

E : it is not repeated after each name, but usually it is put before the the last name only, letting the others free, all together and each one singular.

E in the poetic creations arises at the beginning and here means “also”.

E / ErosAntEros,Fanny & Alexander gruppo nanou Menoventi


E (and) me that the time and the love desire of fans do different people ir..

It is repeated when the various propositions wants to remain distinct:

E (and) resists E (and) advances E (and) it reinforces

In the latter case E will be almost a rhythm, a growing sense of intention, a color.
E its our Fèsta (party), a beginning in the infinite power.