19-27 september

To celebrate the festival’s tenth anniversary and to define its journey and the path it shared with some artists, we invited Delogu-Sirna-Gautier, Menoventi, Opera and Teatro Sotterraneo to give life and revitalize an abandoned space: A small guesthouse currently under reconstruction owned by the Council of Terni. These companies, rediscovering familiar places under a new light and a different point of view, were asked to reflect on topics such as the concept of “ living and inhabit a space”, what can we call home and what are its functions, and the relationships of the links in-between indoor and outdoor: to do so, they engaged a shared research and an experimental co-creation process that led to a lab, a space open to the audience where vision and experience come together, where it’s possible to meet, to interact in order to define time and space out of the ordinary life. Base X is a place in which time stops momentarily, where anybody can eliminate and suspend their ordinary rhythms and timetables, a place to share that will be accessible during the festival according to a precise time schedule. Base X is a time-paused space, a coral house, an ambiguous blend between a rehab centre, a military camp and a platform for an interstellar launch.